Enkle presentasjonstips

Doing Things in 3s

I’ve been re-doing some very big MindMaps I’ve created in MindManager, and it’s doing my head in.

I just can’t seem to look at the MindMap and take in all the information, even though it’s my own map.

So here’s an idea I’ve had. Re-arrange the whole map so there are never more than 3 sub-topics, and then split them into no more than 3 sub-topics and keep drilling down in 3s. It seems to be working well so far. I’ve started with more than 3 Main Topics at the start, but I’ve kept the 3s after that.

It’s something I picked up from a Presentation Skills workshop years ago.

Work in 3s.

Beginning Middle End

Aim to tell the audience 3 things, and have them go away remembering 3 things, and break down the 3 things each into 3 things when you’re explaining the 3 things!»


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