Leksjonar i mindmanager

I am going to discuss three scenarios in which you might commonly use MindManager for: lectures, essay writing, big projects (especially group projects). If there is a map in my example maps or a scenario that I have not covered that you would like addressed, drop me a comment and I’ll do my best.

Leksjon 2

Leksjon 2

Tankekart-rammeverk, kommunikasjon med EA @ emptech

Sendte epost til ei av dei som hadde presentasjon om tankekart i england på bett..

Dei held no på å utvikla eit rammeverk innan tankekart og var svært interessert i informasjon og samarbeid..

Eg trur dei har bakgrunn i dysleksi, ho eine sa i alle fall at ho hadde sterk dysleksi, medan begge har forska pÃ¥ omrÃ¥det ei stund…



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Subject: RE: talked with you at bett, norwegian master-student, working with mindmapping in learning (teachereducation)

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 07:59:15 -0000

Thank you so much and I am copying this to my colleague. We will be in

touch and will also pass on any information we gather as we try to work out

a framework. Many many thanks again for the time and trouble you have


Best Wishes E.A.

Mrs E.A. Draffan

Visiting Research Fellow

Assistive Technology Group

School of Informatics

University of Manchester.

The History of Memory Techniques Leading to Mind Maps by Tony Buzan

Since human beings first walked planet Earth, memory has been one of the main concerns and interests. If early homo sapiens forgot, it was not only a matter of not remembering, it was often a matter of no longer living: if you could not remember which snakes were poisonous; which fruit was nutritious; where you had hidden your implements and weapons; where swamps, quick-sands and chasms were located; and where your secret supplies of food were, you did not get many more opportunities to try to remember anything!

Looking at memory from this basic and survival point of view, we quickly realise that memory is not just a matter of recalling shopping lists and information for exams – it is literally a matter of life and death. It is for this reason that all cultures throughout history have devoted large amounts of their time and energy to making sure that there ‘memory systems’ were both excellent and improving.